January 03, 2007

Typography laid bare

  • PingMag discusses the origins, history, and state of Iranian typography & provides numerous beautiful examples.  I dig these two in particular.
  • Taylor Lane has created a series of typographic pinups (fair warning: there’s some glyph-heavy nekkidness). [Via Marc Pawliger]
  • In an inverse vein (not pictures made from letters, but letters from pictures), Giornale Nuovo offers a brief history of figurative alphabets. [Via]
  • Joshua Smith has posted a gallery of cool type treatments (including his own logotype) on Hydro74.  The rest of his site is worth a visit for dynamite illustrations & more. [Via]
  • Type for you is a new typography blog, containing links to useful resources like Typies’ 15 tips to choose a good text type. [Via]
Posted by John Nack at 10:45 PM on January 03, 2007


  • Matthias — 1:22 AM on January 04, 2007

    Type for you linked to web typography, a great resource.
    Great links, thanks for sharing!

  • Mordy Golding — 9:31 AM on January 04, 2007

    And my latest episode of Pen, the Vector Podcast, also focuses on typography — with a really interesting Asian text feature tip that applies both to AI and PS.
    [Cool–thanks for the lead. –J.]

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