February 01, 2007

"We’re huge in Christmas Island…"

Heh–I got a kick out of checking out the latest download stats for the Photoshop public beta.  In the first month and a half of the beta’s availability, Adobe Labs has served up
364,491 unique downloads, including 22 to tiny Chrismas Island–not bad for a place with a population of 1,600!

Being (still) somewhat jetlagged, these little bits keep me laughing.  File it alongside seeing Harvey Keitel scream "Donnez-moi un croûton!!" (Tuesday, Paris), watching South Park dubbed into German (last night), and hearing Adobe Web tools evangelist Greg Rewis declare today, during a demo in Munich, that although customers thought that "Fireworks ist tot.  Nein! Fireworks lebt!!"  (Any grammatical/transcription errors are mine, not his. :-))

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