February 07, 2007

Like the Photoshop beta, but miss your cursors?

Photoshop customers seem pretty happy with the CS3 beta (88% satisfied, according to one independent survey), but being a beta, it contains some bugs. One that’s been especially annoying to Intel-based Mac users is the lack of cursors that match the size and shape of your painting tool.
The good news is that we have a fix for this problem, but timing is such that we won’t be able to post another public beta build. That said, we really want to make sure we get this right, so if you’d like to help us test it, we’d really welcome your assistance. More details on how to sign up to test a private build are here. Thanks in advance!

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Paris from the top

I’m having a ball shooting panoramic images in Europe, so I thought I’d share one sample (more to come). I created this 27MP Parisian pano by taking a series of shots from atop the Tour Montparnasse, home to the local Adobe office. I stitched the images together by loading them via the files-to-layers script, then choosing Edit->Auto-Align Layers, followed by Edit->Auto Blend Layers, and finally Export->Zoomify.
Adobe must have a thing for towers, and I write this from the Barcelona office, which tops a 20-story building overlooking the beach. The city is as beautiful as I’d been told, so I look forward to shooting more tourist bits–er, valuable test files–in a bit.
[Update: Fixed link.]

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