February 08, 2007

GigaPans & big zooms

A couple of interesting optical bits of note:

  • Roland Piquepaille talks about a new device called GigaPan, a $200 automated device which promises to facilitate the creation of very large panoramas. More info is here. [Via]
  • David Pogue waxes rhapsodic about the hard-to-find Nikon 18-200mm stabilized lens. Newly minted Flash PM (formerly long-time Flash evangelist) Richard Galvan has been shooting up a storm with what I believe is this same lens & loves it. He took some beautiful sunrise shots of Barcelona today, to which I’ll link as soon as he posts ’em.
  • New Canon developments are rumored, including the possibility of some new “long glass.” I’ve been wondering when we might see a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens featuring the new image stabilization technology. Having just shelled out for a house, however, my enthusiasm for a purchase like that has appropriately waned… [Via Keith Cooper]
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