February 09, 2007

Printing on water & more

  • The Jeep Waterfall is a totally fantastic, “3,000 valve, 20-pump contraption” that essentially prints images onto falling water–much as an inkjet would onto moving paper. The eye-popping video is well worth a watch.
  • Taking a similar concept in a horizontal direction, the AMOEBA device uses wave generators to print letter & pictures on water. Each one is visible for just a moment, and a new one can be shown every 3 seconds. There’s a brief video of the device in action, but I find the still image is more impressive. [Aside: I think my life would be greatly enriched by a background audio track of breathless Japanese narration.]
  • If that $10k/gallon inkjet business has gotten you down, you might like hearing about the ZINK inkless printing system. It promises a zero-ink printing process by embedding dye crystals in the paper itself. [Via the Elements team]
  • ToughPrint promises waterproof inkjet paper, suitable for making, say, a map, then taking it hiking in the rainforest (as one does). [Via]

For more printing goodness, see previous entries.

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