February 14, 2007

Frosty photography

From chilly Kansas City (via my friend Maria at Hallmark, specifically) comes a link to amazing photos from Lake Geneva in Switzerland, showing cars, boats, and more buried in beautiful, brutal ice.  Background info on the pix is at Snopes.com.

Man, this stuff makes me not miss living in Boston.  I returned to Logan airport once to find my old Volvo with six inches of snow coating its side, needing to be clawed off with a speaker cover that had conveniently fallen off the door.  San José, CA, may have all the culture of a beer nut, but the weather sure doesn’t suck.

[Tangentially related Boston/cold thing: On this Europe trip, InDesign PM Chad Siegel entertained us to no end with his rendition of a beer vendor from Fenway Park: "ICE cold beeah heeah! FREEZE ya teeth, take ya TONGUE on a sleigh ride! You’ll wish ya throat was a miiiiiiile loong!"  Of course I had to morph this into a topical cry: "RED hot apps heeah! WORK ya flow, take ya MOUSE on a joy ride!  You’ll wish ya screen was a miiiiiile wide!"]

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More great Lightroom resources

As we get close to really, truly shipping Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (cue X-Wing voice: "Stay on tar-get, stay on tar-get…"), lots of good resources are emerging.  Three have popped up in recent days:

  • Mike Johnston of The Online Photographer rounds up new Lightroom titles from Martin Evening, Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, Tim Grey, Mikkel Aaland, and John Beardsworth, with links to buy each online.
  • Matt K. has also created LightroomKillerTips.com, which he updates frequently with video clips, customer spotlights, and more. (Here’s the RSS feed.)
  • Michael Tapes of RawWorkflow.com has posted a series of free videos.  He writes, "We also offer a higher res DVD-ROM for $10.95 (inc US shipping) with the identical content, but a larger window size and higher quality video, although our streaming video is quite spectacular, if I say so myself!"

I’m sure I’m misssing/forgetting some great resources, so please feel free to add them via the comments (and see previous for more).

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Lightroom Podcast #27: Maki Kawakita

Kabuki-influenced fashion photography is on hand in the latest Lightroom podcast. Adobe evangelist George Jardine recently spoke with Maki Kawakita in NYC about her life and work. He writes,

In this podcast, Maki talks about how her background in Japanese dance and theater has inspired the dramatic look of her colorful fashion photography. Maki currently works and lives in New York City. She also shoots assignments and has exhibitions of her artwork in both Europe and Japan.

This “video” podcast includes photographs created by Maki. It can be viewed by downloading it directly into iTunes (if you are accessing it by subscribing via the Music Store), or by copying it into iTunes on either a Mac or a PC (if you’ve downloaded it from my iDisk). Once copied into iTunes, it can be transferred to a Video iPod, and viewed that way as well. When viewing it on an iPod, be sure to access the video from the top-level Video menu (then “Movies” or “Video Podcasts”…. depending upon how you downloaded it), and NOT from the top-level Music menu. If you access it from the Music menu, you will not see all of the photographs.
Finally, it’s possible that only the audio track will be heard on devices other than Apple Video iPods, and the photographs will not be seen.

The podcast is available as an MP3 file via George’s iDisk (under "1215 Podcast – Maki Kawakita"). It’ll also be available via the Lightroom podcasts RSS feed, and by searching for "Lightroom" in iTunes.  You can find an additional overview of Maki’s work on PDN Online. (Something tells me that unlike Hillary Duff & Missy Eliott, we won’t see Gwyneth Paltrow sit for a head-in-a-box portrait.)

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