February 15, 2007

Adobe Magazine returns

Adobe Proxy, the quarterly design magazine from available in PDF format, has been rethought and relaunched as–dramatic flourish Adobe Magazine.  The new (historic) name should make the publication easier to find, and the format & content have been revised for easier browsing.  From the mag:

Many of you told
us you don’t have time to read the
magazine cover to cover. That’s
why we’ve designed all articles in
the new Adobe Magazine to give
a quick shot of inspiration and
instruction. You’ll see innovation
in the fields of photography,
publishing, interactive, and video,
and you’ll get specific details on the
techniques and software features
used to create it.

You can download the current issue (cut & curled by guest designer Josh Berger of Plazm), as well as sign up for notification of upcoming issues. The mag is also available in French and German. [Update: I’ve added links to French and German. The UK sign-up page, which lists other countries in the popup, is here. I believe the main page will be updated with these links.]

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Master & Photoshop Commander

The long-standing Photoshop actions system (which debuted in PS4) makes it pretty easy to record a series of commands, then play them back.  Photoshop scripting (intro’d in PS7) lets developers do much more sophisticated automation, but it needs to be written by hand and is consequently much harder to create.  Thus there’s been a demand for a system that would let users use conditional logic in Photoshop (e.g. processing an image one way if it’s taller than it is wide, and another if it’s wider than it is tall), but without having to learn/write scripting.

To fill this gap, scripter Andrew Hall has created Photoshop Commander, a free add-on designed to put fairly sophisticated automation tools into the hands of non-programmers.  He explains,

Photoshop Commander is a Photoshop Script for CS2 and CS3 that creates powerful programming capability in Photoshop, using simple dialogs that anyone can work with and understand. Photoshop Commander provides a comprehensive easy-to-use menu system that allows non-programmers to create sophisticated workflow automations all without the need to understand a single line of programming code.

The script (which is free and is being released under the Creative Commons license), and a heap of accompanying Flash tutorials can be downloaded at

If you check out the first 10 minutes of the tutorials you will get some idea of what it can do and how it works.

Check it out, and let Andrew know what you think (via the comments section of the download page).

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Photoshop: Dolla dolla bill, y’all

It’s all about the ducats: Today’s NY Times features a photo of artist (er, medallic sculptor) Joseph Menna using Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq pressure-sensitive monitor to create a portrait of George Washington, along with a story about how the Mint is planning to issue $1 coins that feature images of dead presidents.  Nice to see Photoshop being used to design currency outside of a dorm room (oh!).

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