February 12, 2007

Help improve Dreamweaver, Flash -> Win fame, glory

Okay, maybe not fame, but how about $1000 or a copy of Creative Suite 3?  Those are the prizes (5 of ’em) being raffled to folks who help Adobe improve our Web tools by the Adobe user research team.  They’re using a technology called ClickStream (more about them & their privacy policy) that records how often menu items, tools, etc. are used in each application, from which we can gain insights into what’s important & should be improved.  If you’re interested, please see the note below from researcher Sharma Hendel.  Cash and software aside, I think it’s a great (and pretty painless) way to help improve the tools that thousands of people use every day. [UPDATE: Sorry, I didn’t notice that participation is limited to US residents. Lame, but I guess doing business across borders is harder than it should be. –J.]

I’m a user experience researcher with the Flash & Dreamweaver teams and I’m looking for Flash and Dreamweaver users to help us out with a massive project.  If you’re a regular Flash or Dreamweaver user and would like to help out, please check out the information below. 

This is a product improvement study with folks who use Flash or Dreamweaver several times per week. The project entails downloading and installing a small program that anonymously collects information about the features you use in Adobe products and other applications. All eligible participants will be entered in a prize drawing either $1000 or one of 5 copies of Creative Suite 3 (to be released later this year).
If you are interested, please take this survey to determine eligibility.  Then download the ClickSight™ software – a program developed for Adobe by Clickstream Technologies. (Mac Users: Currently, ClickSight runs only on Windows PCs.  We will be conducting a Mac-based study later this year.  If you are a Mac user and would like to be involved, please email info@clickstreamtech.com).

Thanks!  You are helping make our Web applications even better!

Sharma Hendel (shendel at adobe dot com)
User Experience Team

Posted by John Nack at 3:47 AM on February 12, 2007


  • SamHS — 5:15 AM on February 12, 2007

    I’d be taking part, if I had a US Zip code to complete the survey. Once again foiled by the Anti-UK brigade :o(

  • Marcelo — 5:47 AM on February 12, 2007

    You should point out this is for US only .. since it requires a zip code to go through

  • Maarten — 5:48 AM on February 12, 2007

    Sounds like an interesting survey. On a side note: bummer these sweepstakes never include european users.

  • John Dowdell — 8:09 AM on February 12, 2007

    My first reaction was to check whether Digg had a story on “Photoshop installs Spyware” yet…. ;-)
    Sam’s got a point, about the pain of investigating only to find a geographic restriction… money and prizes are controlled by local tax regulations and so geographic restrictions are frequently inevitable, but when someone invests time and energy only to find later they’re ineligible, that’s the part that hurts most.
    [Yeah–sorry that I didn’t investigate that detail myself. I’ll update the entry. –J.]

  • Martin — 8:16 AM on February 12, 2007

    Exactly. John could you please let us know if this only targeted at US citizens. If not I would post a link to this page in the German flash users forum.
    [Sure, will do. –J.]

  • anendel — 6:37 AM on February 13, 2007

    I was too fast too, installed it (since i’d love to contribute) and only later discovered the US only rule. A shame that it happens a lot indeed.
    Anyway, after uninstalling the software agin Acrobat doesn’t want to open pdf documents inside a browser. It opens and closes immediately after a second or two. Never happened before. Opening straight in Acrobot works fine, luckily :)

  • Rich Paul — 8:18 AM on February 14, 2007

    I would also like to point out this is PC-only. No Mac version…as far as I could tell.
    [True, but see the blog entry for more details. –J.]

  • mike lyda — 3:34 PM on March 12, 2007

    and… when does the study end? When do we find out who won?
    [Research says, “Users are asked to keep the ClickSight tool installed for at least 30 days from the time they originally downloaded, although it can be removed at any time. Winners have been selected and notified, but we will not sending out a general notice of who won (and who didn’t). –J.]

  • Katie Butler, ClickStream Technologies — 1:09 PM on March 26, 2007

    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for the feedback on ClickSight.
    I am sorry to hear about the confusion regarding regional qualification. We hope to extend to the global community later this year. For now, I will talk to our team about putting a notice in e-mail invitations and/or on the first page of the survey to eliminate this problem.
    Anendel: I have sent a message to the ClickSight creator about you issue. I have not heard of anyone having that problem before. Please contact me (katie @ clickstreamtech.com) with your e-mail address so that I put you two in touch.
    Rich Paul: We have been thrilled to learn from the Mac community how best to design products based on their usage. ClickSight for Mac is expected to be released in Q3 2007.
    Mike Lyda: The contest is now over, and all winners have been notified.
    Thanks again for your comments. We are always grateful for feedback of ANY kind!

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