March 14, 2007

Update on building Lightroom HTML templates

Last July Lightroom developer Andy Rahn posted an intro on how to use XML and XSLT to build an HTML template for Lightroom.  If that’s up your alley, make sure to check out this brief list of changes.  I’m also looking forward Andy posting details about building your own Flash-based galleries for Lightroom (due soon).

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Solid recent Web sites

//na//  I’m often inspired by other designers’ work, so I thought I’d pass along some recent Web design finds:

  • The Levi’s Copper site makes use of an interesting image & navigation structure, using one huge image as the background.  (Click Male or Female.)  Gotta love the ants. [Via]
  • With their ant-sized people, I love the section-intro cards at Baseline Selects.
  • Jonathan Yuen’s site gently and beautifully unfolds to reveal his work.  [Via]
  • Ferm Living is all about subtle touches–smooth transitions, shifting backgrounds, subtle vignetting. [Via Maria Brenny]
  • VIRB is kind of a MySpace, without all the visual suckage. It looks darn nice, even down to individual member pages (like this).
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