April 05, 2007

What my parents hear when I talk about work

When you talk to loved ones about techy stuff, do you imagine it sounds to them something like this?  The video, pitching a device called "The Retrooencabulator," may or may not be a gag, but it’s brilliant either way.  Now, as I get ready to take a stage at Photoshop World, I can only hope my demo doesn’t sound like so much mumbo jumbo…  [Via Michael Tapes]

The vid reminds me of my first real Web job, when my company was designing a site for Brisk Iced Tea. (Remember those claymation ads?)  I was so proud that I called my folks and walked them through pulling up the site.  Even the most basic terminology can be a problem:

  • Me: "Now click the window with Bruce Lee in it…"
  • Them: "Oh, there’s no window."
  • Me: "What?  I mean, you see Bruce Lee, right?"
  • Them: "Oh yes."
  • Me: "Okay, now click the window he’s in…"
  • Them: "But he’s not in a window, he’s in a temple of some sort…"
  • [Continue like this until I finally realize that they’re looking for a literal, physical window, and have no idea what the little box around the Web site is called.  Aaaaand, cut.]

[Update: Okay, it’s gotta be a gag; see also this Chrysler video. Sometimes during a long press tour, PMs will challenge one another to sneak little phrases into their demos (“the ol’ college try,” “gonna end in tears,” etc.), just to keep it interesting. Now I really want to hear Chad Siegel talk about InDesign’s sinusoidal magneto-reluctance…]

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