April 07, 2007

Swords, plowshares, photos & art

  • Armed America photographs some of those who own the nation’s ~200 million firearms, sharing bits of their perspectives.
  • Armed Appalachians appear in Shelby Lee Adams’s Napier Family series.
  • Slate features Gitmo in Black and White, a Magnum photographers’ slideshow documenting the prisoner detention center at Guantanamo Bay.  (If there’s a more surreal location for a Starbucks, I’ve yet to hear it.)
  • Juxtaposing wealth & war, this image from Lebanon was named "Photo of the Year 2006" by World Press Photo.  There’s more info in this NPR story (which for whatever reason won’t play on my Mac). [Via]
  • Unflinching war photographer James Nachtwey has been honored at the TED Conference.  They’ve created a video discussing his & others’ work, and Nachtwey is covered in the documentary War Photographer (3-minute excerpt). [Via]
  • Hoping for a more peaceful world, Retired Weapons depicts another future for military hardware.  (I hoped for a bit more from this one, but maybe it’s deeper than I’m seeing.) [Via]
  • Lastly, a reason to go bigger than Shuffle: this iPod saved a soldier’s life.
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Handy CS3 configurators

With all the new products Adobe is introducing, figuring out which Suite configuration(s) make sense based on your needs can be a bit challenging.  The company created a Flash-based app that lets you view configurations according to job function ("I want to make videos, plus print some stuff…"), but I like the way Web developer Mark Eagleton (not affiliated with Adobe) cuts to the chase with his little configurator: pick the apps you want & view the different pricing options for getting them.  Nice, and right to the point. (Thanks, Mark.)   [Via John Dowdell]

PS–No word yet on a CS3 Retroencabulator…

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