April 13, 2007

Do Bloods & Crips get Pantone chips?

Who knew that Pantone is into snuff films?  The company has gotten inkthirsty, urging customers to bust caps into outdated formula guides, then rewarding them for their trouble. Whoever creates the best video of colors getting clipped (ba-dum, tssch) will win an iPhone & other loot.  More info is in Pantone’s press release.  Please tell me that someone will get Sean Penn involved…

In more tranquil color-related news:

  • Designer Veerle Pieters gives some good advice on picking palettes.
  • Tangerine is a little Mac app that provides "a universal color palette system," making it possible to manage and apply color schemes across apps. [Via Bryan O’Neil Hughes]
  • Colorstrology aims to pair you with "your personal birth color."  I, apparently, get "Azalea." Meh.  Can’t I get something cool, like Gunmetal, or White Chocolate?
  • Color in Motion imagines colors as characters, acting out the qualities of each & giving a little background info.
  • KolorWheel turns iPods into color scheme picker.  The idea, apparently, is that you can hold the ‘pod next to an object while picking colors.  [Via]

Now, how can I get Ice-T out of my head?

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