May 05, 2007

World’s first terapixel image, online via Flash

Medical imaging company Aperio has created what it’s calling "the world’s first terapixel image"–i.e. an image containing more than one trillion pixels. The image itself, depicting a breast cancer scan*, is a 1,095,630 x 939,495 pixel whopper that tips the scales at 2875.94GB.  More info is in the press release.

From a Photoshop/Adobe perspective, it’s cool to see this image displayed via the Flash Player, using the same Zoomify technology that’s in Photoshop CS3.  The folks at Aperio write,

You may be interested to know Aperio has implemented BigTIFF – support for TIFF files larger than 4GB.  After linking the new version of libtiff into our ImageServer, we were able to use the Zoomify viewer with no changes at all.  Pretty impressive. By way of demonstration we’ve made the world’s first terapixel image, and it can be viewed right in a standard web browser with the Zoomify technology."

[For more Zoomify hugeness, check out the 8.6 gigapixel fresco mentioned previously.]

*Not the most asethetically compelling image–unless, I suppose, it proves that one doesn’t have breast cancer

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