May 06, 2007

Lightroom, as rendered by Flex

Wow–now here’s something you don’t see every day: Adobe Flex used to simulate Adobe Lightroom. Juan Sanchez of ScaleNine was inspired to create a skin for Flex (Adobe’s framework for creating Flash applications), resulting in a Flash app that walks and quacks a lot like Lightroom (at least in basic functionality; image browsing, manipulation, etc. aren’t hooked up).  Source code is downloadable from the homepage.  A few thoughts spring to mind:

  • Last summer Photoshop engineer Pete Falco hooked up a Photoshop plug-in that displayed 3D in an OpenGL window that was surrounded by Flash UI that looked like Lightroom; trippy.
  • Lightroom has the Flash Player embedded, so I can imagine someone developing UI bits for Lightroom using Flash/Flex (maybe not the most direct way to go, but seemingly possible).
  • Now, what was that about a hosted Photoshop? :-)

[Via Tom Hogarty]

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Guidance on migrating from ImageReady

ImageReady is dead; long live ImageReady.

The Web optimization companion to Photoshop has reached the end of its road with the arrival of CS3.  ImageReady 1.0 introduced great new capabilities in 1998 (cutting literally hours per project from the Photoshop->DeBabelizer->GIFBuilder process my shop had been using)–something for which I’ll always be grateful.  In the time since then, however, customers made it clear that they wanted IR’s functionality inside Photoshop*.

The vast majority of what debuted in ImageReady (slicing, N-up optimization, multi-layer selection, variables, animation, frames to layers, etc.) has, by popular demand, been integrated into Photoshop.  A few remaining things (image-based rollovers, Web content palette, SWF export) haven’t made the journey.  Therefore Adobe tech support has created a document that details what is & isn’t in Photoshop CS3, noting where to find things & suggesting alternate ways to get certain functionality (e.g. rollovers).

*Incidentally, for the conspiracy-minded out there, it’s worth noting that we decided to migrate IR into Photoshop & to discontinue it as a standalone app right after the CS1 cycle (late 2003)–and not, in other words, because of Adobe acquiring Macromedia and Fireworks.

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Upcoming CS3 events

The folks behind the Adobe CS3 Creative License Conferences have asked for a little help in spreading the word, so I’m passing along detailed info in this post’s extended entry.  Synopsis: there are one-day sessions in six N. American cities between now and mid-June ($79), plus two-day sessions in NY and LA towards the end of June ($199).  Beyond training, attendees will receive access to resources, discounts to Adobe Max, and more.  Read on for the full details.


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