May 14, 2007

Scoble, the Phillustrator, & me

A couple of weeks ago, Robert Scoble (former Microsoft blogfatha) visited the Adobe San Jose office.  We spent just under an hour talking about Photoshop, and you can catch the broadcast here (also available fullscreen).  Our chat touches on engineer/pilot Thomas Knoll’s frugal Midwestern ways; HDR imaging; Eyes Wide Shut incantations; raw Smart Objects; the redemption of Brightness/Contrast; and more*.

Robert also spoke recently with lots of other Adobe folks, including Phil "the Phillustrator" Guindi**, talking about what’s new in AICS3.  Here’s a full rundown of recent sessions:

Adobe Premiere CS3 49 minutes.

Adobe Flash/Flex architecture overview 30 minutes.
Adobe Flex goes open source 25 minutes.
Adobe Flash CS3 overview 55 minutes.
Adobe Apollo overview 43 minutes.
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 34 minutes.
Adobe Connect overview 29 minutes.
Adobe Acrobat 8.0 19 minutes.

*And it includes, of course, my weird lip-smacking mannerisms; yeesh.  Yeah, and you thought it was hard just to listen to oneself recorded…
**Naming credit goes to our friend Bryan Hughes. I persist in calling Phil’s new little son “Phillustrator Elements.”

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