May 18, 2007

New Adobe Exchange goes live

Last year the Adobe Web team integrated the former Macromedia and Adobe Exchanges into a single content repository.  A number of customers complained about slow performance and difficulty navigating the new site, so the Web team has been hard at work conducting interviews & building a revised system.  The new Adobe Exchange launched today as a beta, using an HTML interface in place of the former SWF UI.  (You can find Photoshop-related content here.)  If you have feedback for the Web team, please let them know via the Exchange forum.

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Friday Illustration

From the Dept. of the Brilliantly Simple:

And elsewhere:

Finally, it’s a little tangential, but I spotted a nice shout-out for CS3 on illustration blog Drawn: "You’ve probably already heard all the buzz about it being the biggest upgrade ever, bla bla bla. Well, this time the buzz is true… I predict our industry (I mean anything graphically creative) is about to undergo a huge jump in look, feel, efficiency, and impact because of this." Thanks, guys! [Via Joe Ault]

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