May 26, 2007

Use Photoshop effects inside InDesign

Wherever possible & useful, Adobe apps try to share code libraries that enhance integration.  By picking up Photoshop and Illustrator libraries, for example, Flash CS3 is able to import & convert these apps’ files, much like After Effects, Premiere Pro, and other apps that use the libraries.

InDesign has long been able to place PSD and AI files, even turning on and off layers, applying layer comps, etc. to reconfigure files on the fly.  In CS3, however, InDesign has also integrated the code that enables Photoshop layer effects (glows, bevels, drop shadows, and more).  This means that you can apply these effects to native InDesign artwork, making it possible to apply & adjust effects without bouncing back to Photoshop.  Over on, Anne-Marie Concepcion & Pariah Burke talk about ways to take advantage of these capabilities

If there are other places you’d like to see the apps share code, please let us know.

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Graffiti a go-go

Takin’ it to the streets (no Michael McDonald required):

  • Kiev’s Інтересні казки ("interesting cases") crew produces all kinds of bright graffiti.  More images are here.  [Via]
  • If you enjoy that work, check out Brazilian twins Os Gemeos.
  • Time Magazine–not usually the go-to source for fresh urban style–offers a gallery of street art. [Via]
  • Dan Witz creates delicate works on walls, like this one from his hummingbirds series. (Note the airbrushed shadow.)  Gotta love this big adverb, too.
  • "Urban primitive" artist Billy has created an art car for Hyundai.
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