July 12, 2007

Time & space in photography

  • In honor of George Eastman‘s 153rd birthday (today), Slate features an interesting Magnum photo essay on the history of consumer picture-taking.
  • If Eastman were still with us, he’d make a great model for Mark Story’s Living in Three Centuries: The Face of Age. [Via]
  • Spanning 35 years to the day, Nick Ut brought the world a girl burned by napalm & a girl burned by herself.
  • Peter Kaplan shoots from great heights, including some eye-watering shots from atop World Trade Center. [Via]
  • Elsewhere in the air, in Me and My Human Vincent Laforet has captured a striking image from above the ice rink in Central Park.
  • Wired hosts selections from Edward Burtynsky‘s documentary about China’s superhuman rise & the human consequences thereof.  [Via David Harradine]
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