July 18, 2007

Pagans, Spinners, and Mentos, oh my

  • "HWJR": How Would Jesus Roll? One man’s sacrilege is another’s act of devotion, as displayed through these illustrated Jesus rims. [Via]
  • File under "How [Not] to Win Friends and Influence Pagans": folks in England are displeased by the giant chalk Homer illustration. [Via]
  • The I Am Bored blog has amassed a great collection of CD hole art.  (I wonder whether CD art will someday be a collector’s item, as album art has become.) [Via] On a related note, a certain pharmaceutical has gotten a similar notion. (I suppose the pagans would approve.)
  • Mentos pioneers gumvertising, creating images out of the iconic little freshmakers. They have a site for creating your own images by drawing with gum, but it seems to be down at the moment.
  • The "Zebra memorial crossing" is meant to memorialize pedestrians who’ve been struck by cars, thereby making the streets safer.  Seemingly obvious irony: it appears to distract pedestrians at exactly the moment they’re in harm’s way.
  • I enjoy the work of Russian illustrator Gordei.  Not speaking Russian makes things that much more mysterious & intriguing. [Via]
  • Washroom iconography: Useful. Washroom iconography + wiseass labels: way better. [Via]
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