July 07, 2007

Recent Flash goodness

  • Glacéau Vitamin Water features an interesting way to cruise through a set of products.  The visual simplicity belies nice attention to detail (e.g. blurring as objects recede in space).  I could live without the browbeating Brit, though. [Via]
  • Mötto Agency: Umlauts & yodeling, oh my. They even make "mystery meat" navigation work. [Via]
  • Not speaking French won’t keep you from appreciating The Birth of Cornelius. [Via]
  • On Little Deviant, you swat and swipe the gray "Sheeple" to power your Scion ride.  It’s a groovy blend of 3D, video, and interactive elements. [Via]
  • Adobe engineer Rob Corell points out this cool recursive blur technique.  I could swear I did something like this way back in the day using Director.  In any case, I really like seeing Flash continue to evolve beyond the traditional "Flash aesthetic."
Posted by John Nack at 2:35 PM on July 07, 2007


  • James White — 12:10 PM on July 08, 2007

    >>I could live without the browbeating Brit, though. [Wasn’t it Annie Lennox who sang, “…some of them want to be abused?” ;-) And speaking of “Oi,” this dude reminded me of that old Energizer pitchman. –J.]

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