August 01, 2007

Erin Go Bragh (or, see you soon)

Even the most uncannable blog animal needs to recharge his batteries once and a while.  I’m terrible about taking time off (clearly), but for once I’m giving it a shot, planning to spend the next week and a half in Ireland with my family.  All this chatter has reduced my stock of blarney to dangerously low levels, so I plan to return to the source for a reload.  Therefore I expect the blog to go mostly, if not completely, dark until mid August.  [It depends in part on connectivity while on the road (in 1984 we were lucky to get hot water, though things are said to have changed dramatically), and in part on my ability to kick the ‘Net habit for a few days.]

In the meantime, you can keep busy visiting some of the blogs from which I so liberally borrow links (not an exhaustive list, so sorry if I’ve omitted anyone):




You also might want to check out this site’s category archives, as I’ve tried to group most posts by topic (e.g. photography, illustration, typography, etc.).  Otherwise, see you on the flipside, and wish me luck capturing a few good images of the old country.


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More gigantic typography

  • 6,272 Post-It notes form a giant, editable "TO DO" on windows in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood.  Passersby are invited to jot their own to-do lists on the notes.  I love it.  (Consider this "Solve Gordian knot of ever-increasing power & complexity in Photoshop; also buy new shoelaces," written in absentia.)   More photos of the work are on Flickr.
  • In her Type the Sky project, Lisa Reinermann captures buildings that form letters against the sky, creating a photographic font.  [Via]
  • For more big letters, see previous type entries filed under Enormousness.
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