August 15, 2007

Visions in Green

and wonderfully i fell through the green groove
of twilight striking into many a piece.  –ee cummings

I think the country of Ireland deserves its own color space: the famous “Forty Shades of Green” are a malachite manhandling of your optic nerves that can’t be done justice using the puny ProPhoto or anything else.  We need iRGB*–Irish RGB–with the capacity to describe hilariously green tones found nowhere else in nature.

In the meantime, here are my photos from Ireland.  Once you’ve clicked the gallery for the first time, you can move through the images using left and right arrow keys.  A few notes/thoughts:

  • Upside of asking a pro photographer friend for shooting/gear advice before a trip like this: He’ll offer good suggestions, such as bringing a graduated ND filter (which I wish I’d done).  Downside: He’ll show you images he took in the same spots, making you slap your forehead in dismay.  (Thanks a lot, Steve, ;-))
  • I continue to wish that Flash respected color profiles.  Because it doesn’t, the colors in the gallery are totally washed out**, at least on a Mac.  (Right-click/Cmd-click any one of them to see the difference, at least in Safari.)  We’ll keep working towards a solution.
  • I hate disrupting a scene using a flash, so I’m itching to replace my 17-85mm f4 lens with something comparable but faster.  The surprising thing (to me, anyway) is that Canon’s higher-end glass (e.g. the 24-70mm f2.8) doesn’t offer image stabilization.  I’m not sure why that is, or whether losing it would hurt images relative to my current lens.
  • Speaking of green grooves, we referred to various roadways as “green bobsled” tracks–emerald walls whipping by in disturbingly close proximity to one’s head.  Coming around a bend to find a Ford Focus leaning at a 45-degree angle, two wheels firmly up on a stone fence, was a useful cautionary moment.  In describing the trip to her folks, I overheard my wife say, “They drive like the English.” “No,” I interjected, “they drive like Evel Knievel.”  Sadly I couldn’t get any of this on film (er, sensor?).
  • Someday I’d love to try shooting “The Clash of the Ash,” hurling–“the world’s fastest field team sport.”  Unlike soccer/football, this is a game Americans could dig–not the kind of thing about which Stephen Colbert could quip, “I’ll help you tell the boring scoreless matches from the riveting scoreless matches.)

* Thanks to Outback Photo for the color space graphic.
** Here’s a screenshot from a new iPhoto gallery, comparing the identical images shown via Safari (above) to those shown via a Flash gallery (below).

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