August 27, 2007

New Flash gallery power for Photoshop

Felix Turner, creator of the slick, elegant SimpleViewer Flash Web gallery (example), has provided a SimpleViewer script for Photoshop.  The script makes it possible to set parameters and punch out a gallery right from Photoshop, and it’s a free download from the Airtight Interactive site. 

If this is up your alley, check out the earlier PostcardViewer script for Photoshop (example), as well as the same templates for Lightroom.  Thanks to Felix, and to Jeff Tranberry in Photoshop QE for his help in making these happen.

In related news, the source code for the Flash gallery used by the Adobe Media Gallery extension for Bridge (see earlier announcement) as well as Lightroom has been updated (example).  Gallery developers Bluefire have posted details of the enhancements on their blog.

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New monochrome photography

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Top Lightroom shortcuts, Barbarians, & more on Designer Center

The Adobe Design Center bobs, weaves, and takes new content to the hole:

New Dialog Box:

New Gallery:

New Think Tank:

New Tutorials:

Adobe training content-wranglers Luanne Seymour and Jen deHaan are blogging, so check out their sites for fresh material.  And as always , check out some of the ~1000 Adobe links on  Info on how to contribute links is here.  [Via]

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