September 12, 2007

Adobe kuler mashed-up with Visio, more

As you may know, kuler is Adobe’s rich Internet app (RIA) for creating & sharing color harmonies.  About a month ago the kuler team unveiled an API that enables other applications to suck in feeds of the most popular, most recent, and highest rated harmonies found on the site.

Now Microsoft engineer Saveen Reddy has used the API to enable drawing kuler colors in Visio.  Not having a copy of Visio, I can’t give this a spin, but the integration should make it easy to apply popular color themes to your artwork.  Very cool.  [Previously: It’s also possible to pull kuler feeds onto your desktop or into Dashboard, and to use them inside the Flash authoring environmentUpdate: A free script lets you use .ASE swatch files in After Effects, making it possible to pull in kuler harmonies.]

In other kuler news, PM Sami Iwata reports that they’re running a “theme drive” to collect autumn-inspired themes.  She writes,

kuler members can submit themes around the autumn season and also “vote” for
themes by rating and downloading them. At the end of the drive, the
kuler team will select a few of the highest rated and most popular
autumn themes to appear on a kuler t-shirt. If your theme is selected,
you will get 6 kuler t-shirts with your theme on it.

Hustle up, though: the theme drive runs from now until this Friday at 5:00 PDT.  More details are here.

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Photoshop comes to the iPhone (!?)

Hmm, let’s see: start with one high-res newfangled multi-touch display; add a powerful graphics processor; and throw in built-in telephony.  The result: handheld iPhonetoshop?

Er, maybe not yet, but Scott Kelby & co. had fun making a 2-minute spoof that played during the keynote address at Photoshop World.  You can see the very funny results in Terry White’s latest Creative Suite Podcast (direct link to video; “Photoshop CS3 for iPhone” starts at 3:10).  [Update: Here’s just the spoof itself–easier to see and hear, though you can’t hear the crowd reaction.]  And hey, maybe OnStar-style Photoshop support (“Would you like me to unlock that background layer for you?”) could have some legs. :-)

Other demos captured in the podcast include the Flash/Flex-powered Photoshop Express (starting around 16:10), 3D hook-ups from Daz3D (23:45) and Strata (29:10), as well as an example of Photoshop Extended turning flat medical imaging data into a translucent floating 3D skull (37:40).

PS–If the Flash Player ran on the iPhone, might we see Photoshop Express running there as well?  Hmm–it’s an interesting prospect, anyway.

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