September 23, 2007

*Bahw-tchika-WAhow* typography

"When I hear ‘The 70’s’, I reach for my gun…"

I picked up a 1974 Car & Driver at a vintage goods store a few years ago, and after thumbing through the pages, I wanted to put my head in an oven.  Honestly, I have to thank my parents for letting me miss most of that godforsaken decade, beset as it was by Bookman Swash, brownness, and gas shortages.

Ah, but maybe things weren’t quite that bad.  Gene Gable presents a tour of 70’s typography*, showing the ways that evolving technology enabled new type treatments.  Check out part 2 for more horrific excellence.

In the vein of type treatments that cry out for a greasy bass line (or maybe an acid rock riff), peep these others I’ve stumbled across:

* Hey, is that the Photoshop family logo? >;-)

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Photoshop Tennis returns

I’m excited to see that Coudal Partners’ Photoshop Tennis (background)–now rechristened Layer Tennis–is due to return, after a long absence, this coming Friday.  Emphasizing not just what two designers can do head-to-head with a PSD file, the contest is gearing up to be more community-driven. According to the site, "You’ll be able to download the raw elements from every match to remix or remash any way you like and then post a link back to your creation."  

All matches take are due to take place on Fridays, live at 2pm Chicago time (GMT+6, meaning 3pm in NYC, Noon in SF and 7 in London).  Upcoming matches:

September 28th
Shaun Inman vs Kevin Cornell
Commentary by John Gruber

October 5th
Neil Durden vs Mathew Star Thomas
Commentary by Debbie Millman

October 12th
Chuck Anderson vs Steven Harrington
Commentary by Jason Kottke

Should be a ball–a fuzzy, RGB #CCCC00-colored digital ball.

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