September 29, 2007

Cool Recent Photography, Part 2

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New Adobe Magazine available

A new issue (download) of Adobe Magazine, the company’s quarterly PDF for designers, photographers, and other creative folks, is available for download. Designed by São Paulo-based Kiko Farkas, this issue includes:

  • Natural Synthesis: Discover how London-based artists use Adobe Photoshop to capture unique versions of reality.
  • The Incredible Shrinking Screen:
    In many countries, efficient and intelligent design is the king in mobile branding.
  • Fine Filmmaking:
    Los Angeles director Jacob Rosenberg works within a budget, without creative limitations.

More than 100,000 folks are already subscribing to email updates for the magazine.  You can join the list via the site.

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What’s in *your* histogram?

Heh–this is one of the cooler things I’ve seen in quite a while.  David Friedman of Ironic Sans has hidden a picture in an innocuous-looking gradient.  Can you find the image?  It’s fun to poke at the pixels a little to see what you can discover.  To see the hidden image plus the steps for hiding it, check out the follow-up post.  [Via Marc Pawliger, Tobias Hoellrich, & Jeff Tranberry]

Elsewhere in the realm of genius through illegibility: check out this recruiting ad for Lunar BBDO, rendered in typographic dingbats.  (That that, Google math nerds. ;-))  For more on steganography (hidden writing) of all sorts, check out the Wikipedia entry.

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