October 08, 2007

TiltViewer: 3D Flash interface to Flickr

Felix Turner, creator of the all kinds of clean, lovely Flash photo displays (e.g. the Flickr Related Tag Browser, SimpleViewer, and PostcardViewer) returns with TiltViewer, an experimental interface that presents photos from Flickr’s "Interestingness" stream.  Clicking the icon on any image makes it possible to flip it over, see notes, and jump to the corresponding Flickr page (which I did for this groovy shot).  For details of the project, check out Felix’s blog.  For another great way to peruse Flickr, check out PicLens.

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Keywording improvements in Bridge 2.1

People managing large asset collections–especially photographers with lots of photos–have long requested finer-grained control over the way keywords are applied to & stored within their files.  Now a new technote on Adobe.com documents the changes & improvements in Bridge 2.1:

The keywords panel is enhanced significantly in the Adobe Bridge CS3 2.1 release. The primary enhancement is the addition of support for nested keyword hierarchies. In previous versions of Bridge, only a single level of nesting was supported. Bridge also now allows the hierarchical information to be written with the keywords. There are also new ways to find keywords quickly in your keyword hierarchy and to add new keywords at any level in the hierarchy. Additionally, Bridge now provides a way to import and export the keywords defined in the keyword panel.

Check out the doc for more details, and please let us know if there are ways in which you’d like to see keywording further improved in Bridge and/or Lightroom.

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Thug fonts, Queequeg, Elvish, & more

Amidst this whole nonstop Flash fest, let’s clear the palette with a little typography:

  • Call him Quinnqueg: Justin Quinn’s typographic art (more here) is inspired by the doomed obsessiveness found in Moby-Dick: “By repeating a spiraling, swirling labyrinthian structure, Quinn places himself in the role of Ahab who continually redraws his charts which travel nowhere and only to go into themselves.”  Oh, and he uses only the letter E. [Via]
  • It’s a typographic neutron bomb: Nike France zaps the person, leaving only artifacts & letters.
  • The clean, curvaceous strokes of Marian Bantjes swirl through a whole campaign for Saks. [Via Maria Brenny]
  • Dig the striking type & art direction in The Economist’s latest campaign.
  • In Dr. Copperplate & Mr. Gothic, Armin Vit ponders good uses of the often-abused Copperplate Gothic. [Via]
  • LL Tipografia offers some tasty wares; love the little running man in LL SanSiro.
  • To create Ballers Delight, Mr. Chank Diesel led 50 workshop participants through some old-fashioned arts & crafts: “Each individual letter was constructed out of beads and gems on small canvas boards measuring 5″x7″. Letters were then photographed and the resulting pics were used for making a thuggish new grunge font with a big hip-hop influence.”
  • Speaking of grunge fonts, check out StereoType‘s “Bagpack.” [Via]
  • If you’ve been needing Elvish fonts (it’s okay–you know who you are), DaFont’s got your back. [Via]
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