October 10, 2007

Fixes for Photoshop printing due soon

[Update: Photoshop 10.0.1 for CS3 is now available.  Here’s more info.]

We know that many people have been unhappy with printing from Photoshop CS3 (overwhelmingly on Windows), and we’ve been working on changes that will make things work better.  Unfortunately the process isn’t as quick as we’d like, given the sheer number of hardware, printer driver, and operating system combinations.  We’ve made some changes & will be issuing an update to Photoshop CS3, but it’s not quite ready to be shared with the world at large.

If, however, you’re experiencing printing problems & would like to test the current code, please drop me a note [update: get the update].  I’ll then ask our pre-release coordinator to send you an invitation, after which you can download the latest build and send us your feedback. 

I’m sorry that things have been more painful than they should be, and I hope this process helps get fixes into the hands of those who need them.



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AE+Scripting: Loveliness

After Effects is known for its crazy-powerful timeline, but lurking below the surface is a great deal of power that’s accessible via scripting.  Manny Tan has taken a break from his usual Flash-based work in order to create a really lovely example of what can be done by driving animation programmatically. [Via Matthew Richmond]

If the prospect of driving AE via code is up your alley, check out AEnhancers.com, a community of people creating expressions, sharing tutorials and presets, and more.  [Via Dennis Radeke, who points out a number of free AE plug-ins]

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InDesign vs. Photoshop Smackdown

Pitting Adobe’s imaging & page-layout flagships against one another seems a little wonky (kind of a Celebrity Deathmatch, minus the clay & gore), but by doing so Peachpit’s Mike McHugh shows off some of the power hidden in InDesign.  The battle, in six rounds, hits the following:

  1. Recoloring Grayscale Artwork
  2. Recoloring RGB Artwork
  3. Creating Reflections
  4. Applying Special Effects
  5. Creating Vignettes
  6. Generating Contact Sheets

I wouldn’t necessarily agree that ID beats PS on some of these points (cough), but the core imaging juice shared between the two enables ID to perform some neat tricks.  And when it comes to generating contact sheets (with a hand-off from Bridge), InDesign just trounces Photoshop–as well it should.  [Via]

[Update: Mordy Golding has posted an Illustrator vs. InDesign Smackdown on his blog.]

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