October 17, 2007

Logo Design = Bullet Magnet

Having just stumbled, sleepy & scruffy*, out of an NYC taxi, I’m amused (and more than a bit sympathetic) to see the drubbing being doled out to the city’s new taxi logo.  Having absorbed, oh, ~850 flame-throwing drive-bys about the Photoshop family logo and the CS3 icons, I can empathize with the poor suckas who created this taxi thing, or who just had the, ahem, pleasure of playing the messenger.  Sam Potts points out the typically blistering comments visited on the work (and on his & other designers’ takes on it):

Why not open it up to ACTUAL high schoolers? Seeing the work they do, I’m betting they can come up with a much more clever solution than these half-brained doozies some wanna-be designer came up with on his bathroom break.
— Posted by Real Designer

Yeesh.  I’m reminded of a joke James Darnell passed along in conjunction with the Photoshop logo flare-up: "How many graphic designers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Any number really: one will do the work and the rest will stand around saying I could’ve done a better job."  God help anyone with the guts to put their work up on LogoPond & the like.  

I do get a kick out of Sam’s bullet-riddled taxi design.  Travis Bickle would feel right at home. [Via Sam]

* Red-eye flights seem to be the universe’s way of punishing my chronic failure to learn that, boy oh boy, it sucks to spend one’s night wedged between ripe, sullen strangers.  You’d think I’d get the hint by now.

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