October 29, 2007

Lightroom + Leopard: compatibility notes

Just a brief note: Lightroom PM Tom Hogarty has posted some notes concerning the state of compatibility between the current Lightroom 1.2 & Mac OS X Leopard.  Tom mentions that a Lightroom update is due in the next few weeks which should address the snags people are hitting.

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Hipsters, gangstas, & unacceptable haircuts

Chart! And! Graphs!

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    • Artist Andrew Kuo spent the summer hitting as many NY concerts as possible, and he “obsessively charted the entire experience, from reviewing the bands to counting the number of porta-potties.” Check out the results.  See also the brief accompanying article.  Many more infographics live on his blog.
    • Protec’ ya neck: Chris Sims lets us peer into the rigorous science of gangsta rap. [Via]
    • This Australian dating ad uses infographics to make its pitch.  (Only 11% of suitors have “unacceptable haircuts”?  They must not be counting the vast number of Aussie dudes with fauxhawks.)
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