November 03, 2007

Sputnik via Flash, the wobbly moon, & more

Spacing out this weekend:

  • Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik, the NY Times offers a nice, brief interactive tour of that first human-made spacecraft, as well as a timeline of space exploration.
  • Evidently the moon wobbles during a lunar cycle, as this timelapse animation shows. [Via]
  • Speaking of our satellite, Adobe’s resident Academy Award-winner Mike Kanfer enthusiastically recommends the documentary In the Shadow of the Moon.  I get chills watching the trailer.
  • What if we had no moon?  In Astrobiology Magazine scientist Bernard Foing charts the moon’s influences on the history of earth, from the formation of solid land to the development of our eyes. [Via]
  • CNET shows images from a Japanese space probe in lunar orbit. They report, “China is expected to launch its first lunar exploration satellite later this month; India has plans for a moon launch in April 2008; the next U.S. moon mission is slated for 2008; and Russia could be flying private citizens around the moon and back as early as 2009.”
  • Meanwhile Google is offering a $30 million prize to a private team that can land a robot on the moon.
  • And speaking of Google, hide your crops, Cheech: law enforcement uses Google Earth.
  • Fast networking technology has enabled researchers to assemble an Earth-sized telescope. [Via]
  • Nerding out on Wikipedia, I happened across a cool shot of a Delta IV rocket lift-off.

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Go to Maui, courtesy of Photoshop User

The good folks at Photoshop User Magazine have announced a call for entries into this year’s Photoshop User Awards.  The grand prize winner gets to go on a five-day photo shoot in Hawaii with the assistant of his or her choice, and the winners in each of 11 categories get their work shown in the magazine while picking up a prize package valued at over $2,500.  So step to it!  [Via]

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Tasty new automotive 3D animation

  • Nissan has launched its Rogue crossover vehicle with the help of a really nicely executed drive through a swiftly tilting city.  [Via]  They play off the ad via their Web site, featuring more animation & a fistful of Flash games.
  • Carmaker Mini has launched their Mini Clubman model via some solid Flash video + interactivity. [Via]
  • Joseph Kosinski & Gmunk have teamed up to create the expertly rendered Hummer: Game OnOh yeah, dude–the environment gets so totally pwned!! (Sorry, had to say it.) [Via]
  • Tangentially related: Apparently Joseph will be remaking Tron (PDF).  For Honda’s excellent take on Tron, see previous.
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