November 12, 2007

Jay Maisel NYC photo workshop announced

Renowned photographer Jay Maisel is offering a unique workshop in New York next month.  As a fair bit of this blog’s content concerns photography, I thought the details might be of interest.  From Jay:

This is an opportunity to take a workshop with Jay in his own environment, a historic landmark bank building in Lower Manhattan.

This is a workshop about seeing and expanding your capability.  It is not about performing or getting your ego stroked.  It is definitely not about technical things and absolutely not about Photoshop.  You will shoot, get critiques, look at Jay’s work and talk about photography all day long.

It will take place Mon. Dec. 17 to Fri. Dec. 21, from 9am to 10pm each day.  All meals are included.  The cost is $5000.  It will be filled on a first come, first served basis and will be limited to 9 participants.  Payment in full, in advance must be made in order to secure a spot.

The workshop is sponsored by SanDisk. Please call 212.431.5013 or email for more information.

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Drobo: Storage a-Go-Go

"Every once in a while," enthuses my fellow Photoshop PM Bryan O’Neil Hughes, "a piece of hardware comes along that is truly a must-have; within days of using it, you suddenly wonder what you ever did without it.  I can’t imagine not having a TiVo, an iPod or a Web-enabled cell phone…and now I can add my Drobo to that list as well."  I’ve included the rest of Bryan’s review as a guest posting in this post’s extended entry. –J.


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Drunken bridesmaids, the Exxon Valdez, & more in LR podcasts

George Jardine has been in the zone lately, recording all kinds of good Lightroom podcasts:

  • "I joke with my couples when they come in," says photographer Natalie Fobes, "and they look around my office studio, and they see pictures from the Exxon Valdez, or from the Salmon project, or Komoto Dragons walking down the beach in Indonesia, an I kind of joke with them and I say ‘Those were my long term projects, but your wedding will be my short term project!’ The elements of storytelling that go into a 10 year project on Salmon, or a 6-week project on poverty in America, are the same elements that go into the coverage of the wedding day."  Podcast #43, labeled "20070824 Podcast – Natalie Fobes" is, along with the others, downloadable from George’s iDisk, or via the Lightroom podcasts RSS feed.
  • "Today we’re doing something completely different," writes George of Podcast #44.  "Welcome to a completely unscripted conversation with 6 top women wedding photographers (Susan Stripling, Allegra, Jen Bebb, Kim Bednarski, Jen Capone, and Kristin Reimer). Come listen in to this fun and friendly conversation, as they tell all about shooting weddings. What are the most gratifying things about shooting weddings? What are the most difficult? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a wedding? The funniest story? The dresses. The shoes. The drunken bridesmaids. It’s all here."  The episode is labeled "20071017 Podcast – 6 Women Wedding Photographers."
  • Podcast #45 is all about business.  According to George, "This video tutorial covers the basics of understanding Lightroom’s catalog model. We cover where Lightroom stores your previews and metadata, how Lightroom links to your source files, and how to use Lightroom with Bridge’s browser-based workflow.  Look for "20071111 Tutorial Podcast – The Lightroom Catalog – Part 1." [Via]

And while we’re on the subject of Lightroom tutorials, if you’re interested in geocoding your images for use with LR, check out what engineer Eric Scouten has to say on the subject.

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