December 04, 2007

Wacom’s Cintiq monitor/tablet gets smaller, more affordable

I’ve long admired Wacom’s Cintiq line of pressure-sensitive flat-panel monitors, and I’ve watched professional animators and retouchers really rock out on them.  At 20"/$1999 and up, however, they’ve remained mostly in the league of dedicated pros.  Whenever I’d see Wacom folks, I’d encourage them to find a way to make the technology more broadly accessible–only to get a knowing, "Patience, grasshopper," smile and wave.

That’s why I’m really happy to see the Cintiq 12WX debut.  It’s built around a 12.1" LCD, and its $999 price should help make on-screen drawing a reality for many more artists.  The tablet weighs 4.4lbs–roughly 2/3rds the weight of my MacBook Pro–and the 1,280 x 800 pixel resolution should make it useful as a secondary monitor. has more info, specs, and photos.  On the whole it’s great to see this new option for digital artists.

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Solid state drive goodness (via Arlo Guthrie)

Every now and then I try to share info related to hardware developments that may eventually impact Photoshop (e.g. What’s up with Photoshop & 64-bit computing?).  Lately I’ve been hearing more questions about solid state drives.  As Photoshop architect Russell Williams notes,

The access time to get a
random piece of data would be significantly less [than for traditional hard drives]. A disk has to move
the read/write head to the correct track and then wait for the right spot
on the disk to spin around (not unlike Arlo waiting for the right spot in
the chords to come around again so he could sing the chorus of Alice’s

I’ve spotted some related news that’s worth passing along:

Now, I should note that we can’t yet characterize the performance impact of using these exotic tools (the team is accepting hardware donations ;-)), but we hope to be able to share more info after we’ve done some testing.

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