December 18, 2007

Recent motion graphics goodness

  • The first four minutes of “The Kingdom” fly through “the history of U.S. involvement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”  You could call this treatment fast food history, but the concluding image is the most indelible rendering of a bar chart I’ve seen.  [Via]
  • For their latest ad Guinness commissioned a huge set of dominoes in an Argentinian mountain village, culminating in cars hitting one another.  Here’s the vid.
  • Post-It’s drop f-bombs in this trailer for Douglas Coupland’s The Gum Thief.  (Books have trailers now?)
  • Things blow up real good in this spot for the Nissan Note.  In a world full of CGI, what look to be good old-fashioned FX can feel pretty refreshing.
  • Adobe’s Dennis Radeke runs The Genesis Project, a blog devoted to sharing examples, info, and tips to get you started in After Effects and other Adobe tools.
  • Microsoft’s Zune Arts project features all kinds of interesting, often incomprehensible animation and design.  Peep “Masks” for a good example. [Via]
  • Here’s a simple but interesting time lapse showing the growth of the NYC subway system. [Via]  If that’s up your alley, see also Transit Maps of the World.
  • The Mac Video Pro hosts an interview with After Effects PM Michael Coleman (blog) discussing his thoughts for the future.  By the way, I’m told that the AE update for Leopard is due extremely soon–maybe by the time you read this.
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