December 20, 2007

Old-school Star Wars, Lego graffiti, & more

Mo’ betta illustration:

  • Star Wars goes old old school Euro in Baroque Wars. (Dig that crazy Death Star.)  [Via]  Coincidentally I just stumbled across this Wikipedia-hosted rendering of similar-looking Landsknechte mercenaries.
  • If, like me, you’re a no-good, non-gift-buying slacker, you can try to compensate by banging out festive imagery for loved ones.  These Photoshop brushes could help. [Via]   (I’m doing a mid-day mall sprint after publishing this; hopefully my boss isn’t keeping up on the blog. ;-P)
  • Street art :
    • A graffiti artist has found Jesus in the urban landscape. [Via]
    • Legos visit the Summer of Sam era with some stop-motion train-tagging.  (In light of recent world history, I wouldn’t be tossing around the phrase “train bombing” myself.)
  • Tyskie Beer commissioned some crafty flag renderings using its packaging as raw materials.
  • Kavel Rafferty offers “A reference for vinyl geeks and graphic artists” in Record Envelope–a whole blog devoted to record sleeve art.  I like the big-mouthed Knäppupp in particular. [Via]
  • The opening of Mark Ovenden’s Transit Maps of the World features a groovy subway map of the world.  (I take a weird pleasure in San José appearing (with accent!) on the map, but SF getting shut out.) [Via]
  • Hire An Illustrator will help you… um… bury people in Grant’s Tomb?  (Maybe it’ll just help you hire an illustrator.)
  • Edward Hann’s Internally Displaced People ’06 attempts “to demonstrate the scale of humanitarian crisis in Western Darfur and Eastern Chad,” and a quarter of the profits from its sale go to Amnesty International. [Via]  It’s too bad that the Web presentation makes it hard to see the work in detail, as I can’t really assess how it’s tackling the problem.
Posted by John Nack at 12:58 PM on December 20, 2007


  • James Darknell — 3:29 PM on December 20, 2007

    SF is there, its above Sacramento.
    [That’s it: I have officially gone blind from staring at this blog too long… –J.]

  • chris davis — 8:06 PM on December 20, 2007

    awesome links!

  • Nicolas — 3:08 AM on December 21, 2007

    Yes, there are a few other kinks in the subway lines – my town, Grenoble (and its fast-world-famous tramway ;o), is showed west of Lyon eg (for the european-geographically-challenged, we’re 100km east of Lyon), like Wien/Vienna being shown east of BudaPest.
    But anyway I do draw maps for a living, and also know this may only be some (far) degree of generalization!
    Thanks for all the cool infos (including this one)!

  • luis — 10:41 AM on February 07, 2008

    Check out to see the original Stayhigh149.

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