December 02, 2007

Stoners, puzzles, & photos that aren’t there

  • “In college, take a year off and drive across the country, and camp along the way,” “Old Geezer” advises young photographers. “Do it with good friends that are smart; not dumbasses that just want to get high. Bring some books. Bring some audio books if you can’t read.”  Also: “Always order good catering. That’s all the client really cares about.” [Via]
  • “This is a picture I did not take…”  On Unphotographable, Michael David Murphy describes the ones that got away. [Via]
  • Befuddlr creates interactive puzzles from the contents of Flickr.  To get one of your images into the game, you can–according to the folks at Photojojo–“Upload your photo to the Photojojo Flickr group, go to Befuddlr and click “photojojo”, select your photo, and scramble it into an online puzzle game! The site will even time your unscrambling attempts, making for a perfect mid-day office-wide showdown.” [Via]
  • Speaking of Flickr, Jason Kottke test-drives the Eye-Fi wireless memory card, which enables direct upload from your camera to Flickr–no cables required.  (This strikes me as cool tech, but I’d much rather have the perhaps impossible GPS-on-a-card.)  Elsewhere, offers up 36 Reasons Flickr is a Photographer’s Ultimate Tool.
  • DIYPhotography shows a cool way to make heart-shaped bokeh (lens blur). [Via]  Hmm–maybe we should add hearts as a shape option for Photoshop’s bokeh-making Lens Blur filter (see related tutorial).  If doing stuff like this is up your alley, check out their other tutorials–e.g. “Cheapest ring light ever” [Via] and high-speed photography at home (champagne glasses, BB gun, and subsequent eye patches sold separately).
  • Speaking of high speed photos, check out this beautiful collection of liquid art & droplet photography. [Via Dave Story]
  • Ecocentric offers a foxy camera bag made from old belts. [Via]
Posted by John Nack at 2:24 PM on December 02, 2007


  • BlueBuffalo — 6:26 AM on December 06, 2007

    Excellent advice from Old Geezer! LOL!

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