January 06, 2008

‘007 in review: Photography, design, and more


  • 2007 was the year the digital SLR boomed, reports CNET’s Stephen Shankland, offering links to top stories throughout the year.  He notes that "Adobe released Photoshop Lightroom in March, and in just a few months it surpassed in popularity the earlier Apple rival, Aperture."
  • Serious photogs keep seeking a nice compromise between SLR quality & compact portability.  A number of folks around Adobe’s West 10th floor have been intrigued by the Canon G9; see Ben Long’s review.
  • Meanwhile a megapixel backlash seems to be building steam. "The more pixels, the worse the image!" says a German camera-testing lab, arguing that splitting a compact sensor into smaller & smaller bits is bad juju.
  • In terms of the craft itself (which keeps proving itself death-proof), Rob Galbraith rounds up a large group of pictures of the year collections.  The sheer number of galleries is a little daunting (paradox of choice, anyone?), but I can at least vouch for MSNBC & Canada Post galleries.  I find the little NatGeo gallery underwhelming.


  • The company was so busy (Creative Suite 3, Lightroom, new CEO…), it’s hard to believe that it was just in ’07 that so much went down.  Fortunately Scott Kelby provides a thorough overview.
  • Zeroing in just on Photoshop Lightroom, Scott’s colleague Matt Kloskowski offers A look back at Lightroom in 2007, recalling the year’s interviews, cool add-ons, and more.


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