January 12, 2008

kuler RIA comes to Dreamweaver

On the heels of integrations with Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, Dashboard, and even Visio, Adobe’s kuler hosted app/color community is now integrated with Dreamweaver, courtesy of the good folks at WebAssist.  The panel is a free download from their site.

Seems like there just might be something to this desktop/Web hybrid thing.  Perhaps we’ll get it into Photoshop yet. :-)

Speaking (completely tangentially) of Color-Related Technologies with Funky K-Based Names™, the color bars of Pioneer’s Project Kuro remind me of kuler.

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Urban typography & more

  • Years ago, the design group at AGENCY.COM (of which I was part) was treated to a fun and informative talk from typographer Jonathan Hoefler.  He showed & discussed snapshots of type found just in our area around NYU, and in 2000 his partner Tobias Frere-Jones undertook a study of building lettering in New York (see samples).  Now their company (Hoefler & Frere-Jones) offers Gotham, a typeface inspired by the city’s visual vernacular.  The site offers a cool way to test drive typefaces, Gotham included.
  • Post Typography makes all kinds of visual goodness, typographic & otherwise.  Dig their Daydream Nation in particular, plus the subtlety of Home.  And though it’s not type per se, I like the look on this little dude’s face.
  • OCD yeah you know me: Non-profit Broadcloth fills in letters like there’s no tomorrow. [Via]
  • Mark Simonson’s Mostra offers Art Deco tastiness. [Via]
  • Oded Ezer’s Typosperma project, designed “to create some sort of new transgenic creatures,” is… well, it’s real different.
  • The Atlantic features a video interview with Michael Bierut about typography and design. [Via]
  • Want to bump up the grade on your term paper?  Use a serif font like Georgia & leave the sans serif strugglaz in the dust.  (Hmm–I wonder how this applies to what people think of the blog.) [Via]
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