January 22, 2008

Let’s dis some designs

Nothing seems to bring people together quite like mutual dislike, it seems. :-) 

  • “Everyone who loves to bitch about crappy design now has RedesignMe,” says Core77, “a meeting place not just to complain and point out flaws, but to offer suggestions on how said crappy design could be better, and at best, push a redesign.”
  • Design Police: Bring bad design to justice with the help of these handy labels.  (Nice to see that “Unnecessary use of Photoshop effect” made the cut. ;-)) [Via]
  • Gene Gable has amassed quite a collection of vintage badges, and towards the end he dogs the Photoshop family logo (hey, what can I say) and terrible PS filter abuse.
  • Not so much ranting about design as using design to rant: Sh*tlist stationery.  [Via Maria Brenny]

Happy airing of grievances,

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Mondrianum brings kuler to Photoshop

Joining a long list of apps integrated with Adobe’s kuler color harmony site, Photoshop & other Mac apps now get in on the game thanks to Lithoglyph’s CocoaKuler Mondrianum*.  The tool gives the Apple color picker the ability to browse kuler’s color harmony feeds, displaying the results in a slick Cover Flow view; here’s a screenshot.  To access the picker from within Photoshop, go into preferences and select the Apple (rather than Adobe) color picker.  Mucho groovio! [Via Lydia Varmazis]

*The name is a bit of a misnomer [name now updated], as Photoshop is Carbon-based (as are Final Cut Pro, iTunes, Office, etc.).

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