February 08, 2008

Wine offers improved Photoshop-on-Linux support

Wine, the open-source compatibility layer for running Windows programs on top of Unix-style operating systems, has been updated to offer improved support of Photoshop CS2.  Using the latest updates (of which another has been posted today), it should be possible to run PSCS2 for Windows on top of Linux.

Wine release manager Dan Kegel reports, "As of wine-0.9.54,
Wine is able to install, activate, and run the retail version of
Photoshop CS2 well enough for the average early adopter to use
(with caveats, e.g. you have to install the Times32 font first,
and ImageReady and Bridge aren’t supported yet)."  Check out WineHQ’s Photoshop page for more details.

[Pre-emptive, comment-saving non-disclosure: No, I don’t have other info/plans to share concerning Photoshop on Linux, and yes, we know that Linux folks would like a fully native PS on Linux implementation.  Just thought I’d spare you some typing. ;-)]

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