March 02, 2008

Please welcome Mr. Finnegan Nack

“‘Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!’
  He chortled in his joy.”

I could not be more proud (or tired!) in announcing that precisely 18 hours ago, my inimitable Margot launched
our greatest collaboration—one Mr. Finnegan Liggett Nack (“Finn” to future pals).  The wee master (a full 9lb, 7oz) stormed into town after a whirlwind labor—kicking off around 10pm last night, and stepping onto the world stage at 4:54am Pacific.  I promise not to turn the blog into JNack’s Kiddie Kavalcade, but a handful of photos are here in case you’re interested. [Update: The little man has his own blog now, too.]

Right now the small guy is practicing his nursing (c’mon, sucking isn’t that hard; just pretend you’re in marketing!), and this marks my first (but hardly last) blogging-at-crazy-kid-induced-hour post.  I actually did have the presence of mind to bank a few posts ahead of his arrival, but I expect my publishing schedule to be erratic for a while.  Now excuse me while I keel over in a happy, spent pile. :-)

[Update: Wow, thanks for all the kind wishes!  What an amazing experience…

By the way, regarding his name, we freestyled on a lot of contenders.  Mashing up a lot of teammates’ names, we (okay, I) thought that “Seetharaman Narayanan Shig-Zorana Nack” would be pretty cool. :-) ]

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