April 01, 2008

Photoshop Express off to a rocking start

When you show up as an answer in Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me‘s lightning round, people must be starting to take notice. :-)

Adobe’s Photoshop Express service tore out of the gate last week:

  • 1 million+ visitors to the PX homepage on the first day
  • More than 3 million images uploaded to PX on the first day (3.5 terabytes of data!)

Adobe VP Doug Mack says, "This was way more than the team expected for the beta launch (pretty exciting).  With all this activity all at once, the service slowed down, but it’s now back to running nicely as things have normalized.   If you found it slow, you may want to come back and check it out this week."

Doug reports that on day 1, "Service ramped up so fast that account verification emails and sharing emails were literally flying out of the service.  As the email traffic ramped from literally ‘zero’ to ‘full tilt’ in just a matter of hours (basically starting at 9am EDT), many email services and spam filters thought we were spammers and some gray listed us.  We worked with them so they knew we were legit and had it sorted out by lunchtime."

In case you signed up but didn’t get a new account verification email, please try going back to the site; try logging in with the account you set up; and choose the option to have the email resent.  You’ll get an email with a new key to activate the account.

One other thing to note: Even though the beta is listed as US-only (due to the incomplete state of the server infrastructure), the service is being used around the world.  Doug writes:

  • We’ve been seeing a high level of activity around the clock.  We have not seen things go quiet through the middle of the night at all.
  • Either we have some serious photo-loving insomniacs in the US, or people are ignoring the "US Only" beta period and we are already global, like it or not.
  • Just a reminder that the beta is US only.  And while anyone around the world is welcome to try the beta, the experience will be nothing like that of when we expand to beta globally (as right now, they are accessing US-based servers)
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