April 16, 2008

DNG sprouts wheels, gets cinematic

Aiming to help drive standards & interoperability in video workflows, Adobe has announced CinemaDNG, a cousin of the DNG (Digital Negative) standard for raw image capture.  According to the press release,

Adobe is working with a broad coalition of leading camera manufacturers
including RED, Panavision, Dalsa, Weisscam, and ARRI along with software vendors including Iridas and The
Foundry to define the requirements for an open, publicly documented CinemaDNG file format that will lend
predictability and consistency to digital production workflows.

As with the established still-image form of DNG, Cinema DNG helps minimize the risk that
proprietary or camera-specific file formats will be unsupported in the future, because CinemaDNG will provide an
open, durable, standard format.

CNET covers the news while noting some of Adobe’s other video-related announcements this week, including a demo of automatic text-to-metadata speech transcription & support for Sony’s XDCAM EX tapeless video format in CS3 tools.

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