May 07, 2008

All Ansel, all the time

A number of interesting Ansel Adams-related bits have popped up recently:


  • The NYT features an interactive gallery in which Adams’s former assistant Andrea Stillman discusses the back story on nine of his images.  The story of the naming of "Mt. Ansel Adams" is particularly cool.
  • In what he calls "The most amazing 24 hours of my photo career," photographer Marc Silber trekked around Yosemite with Robert Scoble & Adams’s son Michael.  Afterward they visited the photographer’s darkroom.
  • Frederick Johnson from the Lightroom team joined these guys on the visit.  "Michael is amazing," he writes.  "Turns out we were both in the Air Force! Though he was a General, and I was an enlisted man. It was hard to fight the impulse to call him ‘sir…’"  Frederick posted some photos and short video clips in his Flickr stream.  And oh yeah: if you’ve ever wondered why Photoshop has a lollypop-shaped Dodge Tool (you know, this thing), here’s why.
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Chris Cox starts a performance blog

If it’s in Photoshop and it goes fast, there’s a very good chance that Chris Cox has had something to do with it.  Chris is, among a great many other things, the go-to guy for optimizing many functions in the app.  (At various times we’ve known there’s some kind of crazy-exotic Apple hardware in Chris’s office–something that would emerge many months later as the G5, etc.–and that he’s busily tuning the app for it but can’t tell us any of the details.)  In any case, he has started a blog on C++ performance.  If that’s up your alley, I recommend subscribing to the feed.


[Semi-irrelevant personal aside: After so many years of consulting Chris to learn about HDR imaging, color management, GPUs vs. CPUs, and so on, I’m taking some pleasure in sharing my meager (yet superior) knowledge of CSS with him, hipping him to groovy tools like Xyle scope.  I’ve gotta enjoy the moment while it lasts!]

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