May 25, 2008

Sunday photos: Tintypes, timelapses, and more


  • The NYT showcases Tintype Buckaroos.  Robb Kendrick uses archaic gear to capture the enduring lifestyle of cowboys.  “When I’m doing tintypes, everything has to be driving, not flying — all the stuff for the developing is fairly flammable,” he explains.  An interactive feature shows the work while providing narration from the photographer & the article’s author.
  • Pioneering photojournalist (and ICP founder) Cornell Capa passed away on Friday at age 90.  The NYT features a selection of his photos.  I particularly like this one of 7,000 white-shirted Ford engineers.
  • Rob Galbraith points out some great photos in MSNBC’s weekly photo gallery.  I love the frog-hopping image, though it took me a moment to notice the frog. [Via]
  • Matteo Ferrari is doing an interesting little project showing before & after shots of people who drive the same car for a long time. [Via]
  • How does one actually measure the temperature of light?  James Duncan Davidson explains.
  • Timelapses:
    • The New Yorker features a hard-to-watch timelapse video of a man stuck in an elevator for 41 hours. [Via]
    • A new Canon TV spot is composed mostly of stills shot by EOS-1D Mark III cameras.  (Ironically, the ad is for the lower-end Canon Rebel.)
    • CHDK (the Canon Hacker’s Development Kit) is a set of firmware enhancements for a wide range of Canon cameras.  Scripts “provide functionality like motion-sensing photography (which reportedly works for lightning strikes) and unlimited interval time-lapse photography.” [Via Ashish Mukharji]

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