June 08, 2008

Come break Photoshop (in a good way)

The Photoshop team is recruiting for a color-savvy Quality Engineer:


Are you a specialist in digital imaging science? Do you possess an in-depth knowledge of color management? Are you eager to bring your experience and analytical skills to a dynamic testing environment?


The Photoshop team is looking for an eager Quality Engineer who specializes in the area of digital imaging science and possesses an in-depth knowledge of color management. You need to exhibit potential in the areas of understanding QE methodologies and approaches, which encompasses scripting and automation capabilities. You must also be able to work independently to complete deliverables and tasks on time, have excellent communication skills and work well in a team environment with members of all functional groups.


Be prepared to detail your expertise and experience, answer some technical questions, describe details of imaging science and be able to speak to your color management background.


For more info see the PDF, and if you’re interested in applying for the position, please send your info to recruiter Juliya Alvarez.

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Cool painting tech demo o’ the day

Photoshop engineer Jerry Harris is responsible for the application’s painting tools, and he’s always got an eye open for interesting developments in the field of computerized painting.  This morning he passed along a cool demo video of James McCann and Nancy Pollard’s Real-time Gradient-domain Painting technology.


In a nutshell, according to the video, "A gradient brush allows me to paint with intensity differences.  When I draw a stroke, I am specifying that one side is lighter than the other."  Uh, okay… And the video is a little ho-hum until the middle.  That’s when things get rather cool.  Check out cloning/duplicating pixels along a path, plus the interesting approach to painting a band of color.

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