June 13, 2008

Type as illustrations & more

Letters as shapes:


  • Cameron Moll talks about techniques for designing with type characters–creating shapes and illustrations using just letterforms.  "Don’t attempt this in one sitting. I take it back–this is the most important tip. Not only is type character designing extremely time consuming, it’s also monotonous work that requires a constant zoom in, zoom out dance to get things right."
  • He points out some cool examples of these techniques in action, including the all-type design for the Seed Conference.  (I know I’m betraying my age & lack of CSS currency, but I’m surprised by the typographic fidelity that’s possible in modern Web browsers.)
  • He also points to Veer’s Flash-based Type City, an interactive journey through buildings made from letterforms.  (Lovely letterpress prints of the pieces are available.)
  • Related bits from the archives: Bembo’s Zoo is a fun bestiary from Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich & Matteo Bologna’s; click any letter to see it turn into an animal made from letters.  If that’s up your alley, peep their follow-up in the type-based portraiture in Words at Play.


On other fronts:


  • I haven’t tried it myself, but Macworld reviews & recommends Path Styler Pro for creating stylized type & logos.
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