June 30, 2008

Lightroom Podcast #53: Martin Evening

Adobe Pro Photography Evangelist George Jardine has posted episode 53 in his Lightroom podcast series.  George writes,


This podcast was recorded on Friday, March 7, and Monday, March 10, 2008 in London. It gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the photo shoot for Martin’s upcoming book on Lightroom 2. In this video, Martin shares his inner thinking on the model selection, lighting, camera angles, along with hair and makeup, and how each plays a part in creating the final look for the book assets.


The podcast (labeled "20080310-2 Video Podcast – Martin Evening Book Project") is in the Public directory of George’s iDisk.


With that, I’m sorry to report that this podcast concludes George’s great series.  After 2+ years and more than four dozen episodes (linked with descriptions here), he’s retiring his microphone & cameras.  On behalf of everyone who’s enjoyed the content, thanks, George!

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Punking tourist pix

Here’s a bit of brilliance for your Monday: "The Image Fulgurator is a device for physically manipulating photographs. It intervenes when a photo is being taken, without the photographer being able to detect anything. The manipulation is only visible on the photo afterwards."  In other words, it watches for the flash of someone else’s camera & projects an image onto what they’re photographing.  Check it out in action. [Via]


On a related note, Wired surveys cameras shaped like guns, cameras on guns, and more. [Via Ellis Vener] For other projected guerilla fun, see previous about Applied Autonomy’s “Streetwriter.”

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