July 06, 2008

You *Still* Suck At Photoshop

From mumus to Cheetoes to paternity tests, you never know what insanity you’ll get.  You Suck At Photoshop returns, offering a typically bizarre take on Smart Objects. [Via]


(Speaking of sucking, what’s with Fox News using Photoshop to caricature those who report on it?  Makes me think of the Iranian propaganda in Matthew Winterburn’s Flickr set. [Via] )

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Phil Clevenger on the Lightroom UI

Lightroom marketing manager/former Combat Photojournalist Frederick Johnson has posted an informative 12-minute interview with Phil Clevenger, Lightroom interface designer/KPT veteran.  Phil talks about the challenges of starting with a blank slate & establishing an interaction language; the pros and cons of modality; Lightroom’s unique model for applying parametric local corrections; and much more.  I fount it well worth a look.


(Tangentially: Both Frederick and Phil show up among Kelly Castro’s portraits (aka Project Make Mild-Mannered Software Peeps Look Hardass), now featured on the Adobe Design Center.)

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