July 07, 2008

Sawed cameras, free falls, and more


  • Wired hosts an interesting Gallery of Sawn-In-Half Cameras.
  • Rapid decents:
    • The Big Picture offers a collection of diving photos (taken at a recent US Olympic qualifying event) unlike any I’ve seen before.
    • In Kabul in Transition, photojournalist Tyler Hicks shows diving platforms used for a far darker purpose.
  • Mitchell Feinberg makes unique art using food.  Many more examples are on his site.
  • 22-year-old photographer Kevin Connolly was born legless and chronicles the world from his unique perspective.  CNET has his story.
  • In Land of the Free, Steve Schofield portrays sci-fi costumers, exploring how people establish a fictional existence to escape the everyday. [Via]
  • Slices in time:
    • "Barbara Probst’s diptych and triptych photos," says the Morning News, "taken at the same time from different cameras and points of view, offer multiple versions of a split second."  It’s a cool project, well worth a look. [Via]
    • The Immodesty multicam system aims to "create an affordable platform which enable all kinds of temporal-spatial experimentation."  In some ways it’s a poor-man’s tool for getting the Matrix "bullet time" effect, as videos on their site show, but the output can be deployed in more interactive ways, too.
  • Reuters hosts some striking images of a Chilean volcanic eruption.

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